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Candle Refill Project

Robbins Candle Co. proudly offers a unique candle refill service our Project to reduce candle waste! Where you are able to replenish your candle containers with your favourite fragrance. Whether it is a used candle container or one you have to perfectly co-ordinate with your home interiors and taste, we are here to refill them all!

Refill Started – May 2021   |   Total Refill To Date  –  2

How do I Refill?

To refill your candle, simply return your empty container to us through one of our drop off locations. Robbins Candle Co. we will return it to the same location filled with your favourite scent!

Better yet, if you are not local then get in contact below! Let’s work out the best way to refill your beautiful containers.

How To Work Out Cost

To determine how many grams, fill you container with water and then pour into a measuring Jug. 100ml = 100g for our pricing purposes.


100g – £9             200g – £16

300g – £24          400g – £32

500g – £40          600g – £48

Over 600g Candle?

No worries we can do these bespoke.

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