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3 Ways to Join in with Recycle Week 2020!

Sep 21, 2020 | Celebrations, Join In | 0 comments

This year’s Recycle Week is a thank you to the nation! 

Recycle Now are asking us to celebrate Recycle Week 2020, as we have all continued to recycle despite the challenges that Covid19 have presented. Running from the 21st to 27th of September 2020, let’s have a party with our recycling bins!

Let’s recognise the sacrifices that key workers and citizens have made to keep recycling going and create positive change in the world around us!

Recycle Week 2020

1 ) Use #RecycleWeek on social media!

I know you’re online and there is no hiding when you’re on the internet! So, it’s time to get sharing. Support our #RecycleWeek Post on Instagram and share your own!

Follow others who are posting with #RecycleWeek posts and let strengthen the community!

Recycle Now has already created graphics for us to use! <3 FREE! So, help spread the thanks and keep recycling with your communities.

2) Recycling With Robbins Candle Co.

Do you know we collect cans? Yes, tin can, food cans. We want to collect all your household cans. Be that beans, sweet corn even tuna, no matter what the size is, we will take them all so you can have more space in your recycling bin for other household items. We don’t care about what was within the cans, we just what the leftover vessel when you’re finished with it!

Please help us keep our business going by getting in contact when you have more than 10 Cans for collection. ♻️ Use the Get in Touch form with the message, ‘We have cans for collection’, and we will be in touch!

We are personally collecting from locations within the London Borough of Enfiled and Surrounding Areas. If you are out of these areas, please still get in contact as we are setting up local collections point around the UK!

3) Locate your Local Recycling Centre!

The Recycling Locator can help you recycle and pass on your unwanted items for re-use!

It’s not just a locator for your nearest drop off point, but a full directory of materials, their properties and how/where you can recycle them.

Are you ever gotten confused over your household recycling? This link will also clear up all the questions!

Please don’t use ignorance as a reason not to recycle! ♻️ Support your street, town and country by continuing to Recycle!

Getting started is easy, so start recycling today…

Our number one tip, keep your recycling bin next to the main bin so you can take out the rubbish and recycling at the same time!

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.
Robbins x


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