It's Time To Relax With Some Wax!

Wishing you a Fragrant and Wax filled New Year!

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What is The Scent Tribe?

And 2020 has finally come to a close… 

It has been a strange yet exciting year for me, so I thought it was high time to write and wish every well for the year to come. 

We have all faced hard times as a community, a country and even globally this year; and through this non-idealist situation has birthed the creation of my new business; Robbins Candle Co. Not only surviving but instead stating within a pandemic is not something I would have imagined for myself. Yet inspiration does not work to a perfect timeline. 

Through months of testing, hours of social media planning and a crazy Christmas order list, our start-up year has indeed been a memorable one! 

I can’t thank my networking and community enough for supporting my business and hope that as we grow in the year to come, we find more ways to support other local business and charities like we have this year. 

So before I highlight some of my most memorable moments of 2020, I want to wish you all the best going forward into a new year. 

Keep your head held high and remember there is never a better time to ‘Relax’ with Wax’ than right now, because ‘It just makes Scents’ xoxo. 


The Scent Tribe

2020 Highlights: 

Selling Our First Online Candle was a moment I didn’t believe would genuinely happen. Handcrafted and ready to fly off the shelf when I woke up to a little red one on the website, I didn’t know how to respond. Within 24hrs that candle was in the customer’s hands! 

The Creation of The Scent Influencers is something I must mention yet give all credit to a beautiful lady called Gloria, known more commonly as TravelWithGlow. You might have had seen ‘Scent Influencer’ mentioned once or twice; however, I have been reluctant to share too much about this internal program. All I can promise is that amazing things are to come, in the way of new scents, work opportunities and partnerships come 2021. We currently have one Influencer fragrance by Travel With Glow, our unique Mint Chocolate Canned Candle & Wax Melts. The new year will bring more scents and surprises. I am sure of it.

With how small the world can be, Shipping Globally happened a lot sooner in the year than expected. To the USA of all places, it was my first experience of US customers… and let me say the experience wasn’t the greatest! 🙂 However my candles did arrive, and the customer and I are now the greatest of friends. 

Getting one’s product in a store can be a mind field, and I know that from now on is a focus of mine. My First Store, however, was a very high-end Charity Shop call ‘klasp‘. Own by a fantastic friend and fellow networker. I gave a percentage from each candle sale to them to support their mission. These times of collaborations make me happy. When I know my product is offering more than receiving, I can truly love what I do. 

Our Lights of Love, Charity Candle, was the first candle we created to honour ‘The Nightingale Charity’. With a hope to bring it back next year, this candle was partnered with a video and a powerful message of love and the need to remember. 

My First Christmas Market, came out of nowhere and gave me less than 48hrs to make stock and prepare. However, many wouldn’t have accepted or counted the market as successful. I learnt much that I wouldn’t have and feel blessed for the opportunity. The Christmas market to me was invaluable. It might even turn in to something bigger further down the line. 

I know there are even more moments throughout the year, moment and individuals that have contributed to what Robbins Candle Co. is now! 

So, Thank you! Happy New Year & Best Wishes!
Love Jordan Robbins <3


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