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What makes a Vegetarian Candle?

Oct 1, 2020 | Join In, Celebrations | 0 comments

Did you know October 1st is World Vegetarian Day? Well, you do now! It’s a day to kicks off Vegetarian Awareness Month.

World Vegetarian Day was established to provide education and awareness about vegetarian diets, and at Robbins Candle Co. we want to celebrate the fact that we create a product to support all types of vegetarian lifestyles!

Today we are asking all of you to become more aware of the products you use with your household. Go hunting and find the products that use animals within them!

There are many reasons people choose to become vegetarians. We understand that many of us who see eating meat or using animal-based products as inhumane. Others become vegetarians for health reasons. Some believe this type of diet better helps to preserve the Earth. No matter what type of vegetarian you are or your reason, we hope to support your lifestyle with our vegan / vegetarian candles!


World Vegetarian Day

For #WorldVegetarianDay we ask one thing from you!

If you are a Vegetarian or have debated becoming one, use this month as a chance to look at the world around you.

Pick 3 products you use in your household, just like we did and find out how they are made. What is within the stuff we use?

Before starting our company we did research into the candles we used to buy. Finding that many of them contained animal fats within the wax. We also found out that alot of the sweets and lip balms you can buy also use animal oils and fats. Animals are used within many of our household products, some we have been using for years, without any knowledge.

If you want a easy way to start your vegetartain lifestyle, look at the items you use around the home. When it comes to food many families have incorporated “meatless Mondays” into their schedule. 

Both are a great way to start a lifestyle without animals, be that within our food or just a completely animal free enviroment! 

You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.
Robbins x


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