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Thank You to our Every Day Heroes, let’s smile together!

Oct 8, 2020 | Candle Scents, Celebrations | 0 comments

For the month of October 2020 we are celebrating every day think of our every day heroes! 

The healthcare works, friendly neighbours and military that have kept the UK and other countries around the world going!

We thank you 🙏 for all the hard work!

Now I know that my tiny little candle company, might not be on the big map yet, but we also want to say thank you for the support you have given my candle family and community through the pandemic.

Every Day Heroes

So how can you help us make someones day:

Check out our exclusive ‘THANK YOU POPPY CANDLE GIFT SET’

Every Day Heroes

A collaboration between 3 London based businesses has created a sweet & charitable gift! One that will raise money for our Poppy Pot and make someones day, one that they won’t forget.

What’s included:

300g Canned Candle (with a scent of your choice)

100% Cotton Candle Cosy by Crafty Cavy

Recycled Poppy Gift Tag by Curlicue

£12.50 from every sale goes to charity. £10 to our Poppy Pot and £2.50 to our yearly charity collection.

Other ways to get involved:

If you can’t effort a gift this year, that’s okay! Nominate a individual who deserves to be thanked for their work. Tell us who the secret every day heroes are and for every candle sold this October we will be gifting one free, to a nominated soul!

Every Day Heroes

Don’t have anyone to nominate?

Why not just share this gift set with your friends and family? The more people we can reach, the more individuals we can bring a smile to!

Like & Share our Facebook Post

Tag & Share our Instagram Post

Use any image on this blog and share it with the world. Your support with sharing our gift set and brand will benefits many.

I want to raise a minimum of £200 for charity with this gift set and hope for you all to vote where that money should go! Want to keep up today with the Poppy Candle Gift Set, then help us share the love of candles by following us on instagram and supporting our mission to make candles that are kinder to you and the environment!

“My hero is an ordinary person who finds strenght to persevere and endure inspite of overwhelming obstacles.”
Robbins x


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